Professional Shop Fantasy Masters

New Forest Professional Shop Fantasy Masters

This fantasy masters competition will be done using the current Top 50 ranked players in the world.

Entry Fee €10.00 or enter 3 times for €20.00

To enter you must pick 1 player from each of the following lists. Those players scores will be added together. The person whos picks the players with the lowest combined total to par in the masters will win.

The full pot will be awarded back to the top 7 places in vouchers for the professional shop.

You can enter by sending your name and players names on Whats App to 0858417390

You can also pay your entry fee to the same number on Revolut

You can also phone this number to give your picks directly over the phone and pay by card.

***Competition Rules***
All 5 Golfers scores count
Lowest comined score to par wins
Any golfer who misses the cut or gets disqualified will be given a score of + 8
Any golfer who does not start or withdraws before the tournament begins your selection will automatically go to the next seeded player.
If there is a tie the amount of prizes will be split equally between both entrants.

Best of luck to everyone. A leaderboard will be posted on the Saturday morning of the Masters and updated each morning util we have a winner.

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